Lingonberry Lingonberry "Regal"
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Lingonberries, which we have had in various forms in Scandinavia, where they are immensely popular, are a most flavorsome berry; think of them as a superior sort of cranberry! Lingonberries can be eaten fresh, though they are quite tart (they actually have a lot of sugar, more than blueberries, and can be preserved in just their own juice, but they also have a lot of acid); but they are especially good in various cooked forms. They used to be an important staple in the northern-tier states and in Canada, but have become less known in modern times: that is a defect that needs curing, as they are wonderful berries and fairly easy to grow. Lingonberries typically fruit twice a year, though some varieties can have three fruitings. The first, in spring, is invariably very small and essentially useless. The Regal, a somewhat older selected cultivar is chosen for large berries.