Daphne_carol_mackie Daphne "Carol Mackie"
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
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Full sun to part shade Zones 3-9. Hardy Daphne Carol Macki are actually shrubs, but are commonly used in the Northern perennial gardens because of their small stature. They typically have lovely foliage and fragrant blooms. Daphne needs moist, well drained soil and prefer a neutral pH. ‘Carol Macki’ is a 3-4 foot variegated evergreen with a dense rounded habit. The leaves have striking cream/gold margins. It has fragrant, star shaped pink flowers, appearing in May and June. ‘Carol Macki’ is hardy to zone 3. ‘Briggs Moonlight’ is a 2’ shrub, also variegated with fragrant pale pink blooms in early summer. The striking semi-evergreen leaves are creamy yellow with narrow green margins. Pale pink blooms are produced in early summer. This one is also hardy to zone 4, and will benefit from some shade further south.