Currants_red_lake Currant 'Red Lake'
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
Price: $15.00 ( 5x5 grow bag)
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The finest red currant with large, deep red berries. It is very strong, vigorous, productive and tasty. It is also the most widely grown red currant with an extended fruiting season! This is a popular high-yield variety on a shrub, that forms a decorative hedge even when not in fruit. 'Red Lake' has a long ripening season beginning in late spring and continuing into the summer months. Some of the many uses of the fruit are jam, jelly, syrup, wine and pastry. The red berries also attract many kinds of birds. The Red Lake berries are packed with an intense flavor jelly makers love. The cold hardiest of quality currants, 'Red Lake' often bears full-bodied fruit the first year after planting. Yields are reliably large; self-pollinating. Used in fruit or vegetable gardens. This plant can also make an attractive ornamental hedge in the landscape.