No_image Kiwi, Hardy "74-32" (Male)
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
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Hardy Kiwi is a new fruit. A male kiwi plant is needed to pollinate a femaile to fruit. Above is the photo of the male flowers. They are delightful to eat, sweet, with an unmistakable kiwi flavor. The plants are vigorous, hardy and not prone to disease and insect inbalance. They are dual purpose for landscape and nutrition, and the fruits keep well in storage. The vines are long lived. The Actinidia argutas at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown, Washington D.C. were planted in 1920. The female vine fruits annually. The fruits are not only used fresh, they can be dried, made into a sherbert and prepared in a variety of other ways. The hardy arguta's fruit is smoothed skinned and green. It can be eaten whole. It's sugar content is very high. The fruits are about the size of a small plum. When eating the fruit, the seeds are almost undetectable.