Valentina_raspberry Raspberry "Valentina"
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
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Fruits are medium to large, blunt conical and a bright, pinky-apricot colour, which looks very attractive on the plant. The fruit is easily picked and has fair to good flavour, but has soft skin and the colour goes very uneven (blotchy) after 72 h at ambient temperature and high humidity. Valentina produced the highest yield out of 52 selections in the Breeder's Stage 0 trials at East Malling in 1998 and has produced consistently high yields since then. Growth Characteristics Valentina crops well down towards the base of the canes and the fruit is well presented to the pickers. The new canes are tall and upright, with healthy foliage and only a few spines. Although early flowering, Valentina showed little frost damage in a bad frost year (1997).