Gooseberry_hinnomaki_red Gooseberry "Hinnomaki Red"
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
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‘Hinnomaki Red’ has great advantages over other gooseberries because this Finnish heirloom bears fruit the first year if planted early enough, and it’s naturally sweet (others require enormous amounts of sugar to make them palatable). There is still a snappy tang in the crisp outer skin, giving this gooseberry outstanding flavor. A superbly productive plant with deep red medium-sized fruit on low-growing, rounded ornamental bushes. Its grass-green, lobed leaves turn red in autumn, and return with white flowers in spring. They like sun, but tolerate partial shade and prefer a cool, moist growing area. To avoid powdery mildew, take care to avoid sites with poor air circulation. Fertile, well-drained soil with lots of incorporated compost or peat is best. Water during dry spells, and watch for visiting birds; you may want to net the bushes. Gooseberries are perfectly delightful for pies, preserves and canning, but if left to ripen fully can be eaten fresh atop cake, ice cream or just plain. Plant several about a foot apart for a good harvest, as these are rarely seen in supermarkets. Zones 4-6.