Blueberry_ruby_carpet Blueberry "Ruby Carpet"
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
Price: $10.00 ( 1 plant)
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This blueberry is a lowbush selection growing to 4-6" height at maturity. Its spreading habit and fall foliage, ruby red, make a spectacular display. Fruit is small, approxiamately 1500 berries per pound, with a sweet flavor typical of wild blueberries Plant these lowbush blueberry varieties together to create a fiery landscape in autumn with their hues of ruby red and blazing orange. In addition to their ornamental use, Ruby Carpet produce tasty small fruit that is perfect for baking. Using 3 plants of two varieties yields 10 pounds of fruit within 4 years in just 5 square feet. Plants grow just 1-1/2 ft high, and spreads by stolons to create a dense mass of leathery leaves. For the best effect, space plants 3 ft. apart, and they will spread up to 12 inches a year. Why settle for the ordinary groundcovers when you can be a trend setter by planting these beautiful native blueberries?