Blueberry_arlen Blueberry "Arlen"
Grower: Wild Meadows Farm
Price: $12.00 ( 1 plant)
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The 'Arlen' variety is very upright, with good vigor and is especially suited for the Southern U.S. market. The plants are resistant to stem blight disease. Fruit size is consistently medium to mostly large and very attractive. The fruit is great eaten fresh with fine flavor, firmness and appearance. It also exhibits a long shelf life for storage. This is an good choice for the fresh marketing of large firm fruit. Reaches 5-6' at maturity, and plants are very robust. Set plants out as early as possible in the spring. Prune branches back about 1/2 their length at planting time with no further pruning required the next 3 years. Prune annually thereafter during the dormant period.